Wolves Who Were Men - The History Of Moonspell BOOK BOXSET

Huge and candid 450 page book featuring lengthy interviews with the group’s current and former members – as well as members of bands such as ROTTING CHRIST, CRADLE OF FILTH, SAMAEL, KREATOR, DECAYED, THE GATHERING and AMORPHIS – and a wealth of images, many previously unpublished.

Deluxe hardback set featuring:
1) The book in hardback edition
2) Exclusive mock-vinyl CD featuring the out-of-print 1993 'Anno Satanæ' demo plus 2 bonus tracks by pre-Moonspell outfit Morbid God, all 7 tracks are remastered for CD for the first time ever, and presented in a gatefold digipack with inner sleeve.
3) Large and extremely high quality flag
4) Large deluxe reinforced card box with hot foil gold Moonspell logo on its lid.
5) 12 x 350gsm art prints, featuring superb photography of the band
6) 'Wolves Who Were Men' double-sided print bookmark
7) Guitar plectrum with double-sided print
8) A certificate of authenticity *signed by all band members*

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