Theatre of Tragedy - Velvet Darkness They Fear 2LP 25th anniversary BLACK VINYL, LAST ONES!

Cosmic Key Creations proudly presents the 25th anniversary deluxe double LP edition for the 2nd album from gothic doom pioneers THEATRE OF TRAGEDY that was the band's breakthrough album. This re-issue comes on 180 gram vinyl in a deluxe glossy gatefold jacket, enriched with champagne gold hotfoil stamping and black flood inside. Additionally this release comes with an 8 panel booklet on LP size and printed on raw recycled paper stock, containing exclusive liner notes by the producer, previously unpublished pictures, and a recent and extensive interview with the band about the album.
The release comes with 4 bonus tracks including a demo recording remastered by Dan Swanö. The ultimate edition for a very special and unique album that has stood the test of time... The entire release is especially mastered for vinyl

400x clear with gold and purple splatter
400x gold / purple swirl
200x black
20x testpressing

180 gram vinyl
gatefold jacket
glossy lamination
8 panel stapled 12" booklet
champagne gold hotfoil
black flood inside

A1 Velvet Darkness They Fear
A2 Fair And 'Guiling Copesmate Death
A3 Bring Forth Ye Shadow

B1 Seraphic Deviltry
B2 And When He Falleth
B3 Der Tanz Der Schatten

C1 Black As The Devil Painteth
C2 On Whom The Moon Doth Shine
C3 The Masquerader And Phœnix

D1 Der Tanz Der Schatten (Demo)
D2 Black As The Devil Painteth (Demo)
D3 And When He Falleth (Demo)
D4 A Rose For The Dead (Demo) Swanö Master

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