The Gathering - Collection 5x Tape Boxset (lim 300, 5 tapes, 4 postcards, 1 poster)

Cosmic Key Creations 2020
5 professional produced and sealed cassette tapes in a 2 mm rigid, 2 piece, cardboard box with high gloss lamination.
Including 4 exclusive postcards and a poster. The "How To Measure A Planet" album comes in a double cassette box that hold 2 tapes with a big Jcard.
Limited to 300 copies. Officially licensed from Century Media.

Mandylion MC: Solid gold tape with red print
Nighttime Birds MC: Solid silver tape with green print
How To Measure A Planet MC: Solid white tape with yellow print
How To Measure A Planet MC pt2: Solid white tape with yellow print
if_then_else MC: Solid dark grey tape with yellow print

A1 Strange Machines
A2 Eléanor
A3 In Motion #1
A4 Leaves
B1 Fear The Sea
B2 Mandylion
B3 Sand And Mercury

Nighttime Birds:
A1 On Most Surfaces (Inuït)
A2 Confusion
A3 The May Song
A4 Kevin's Telescope
A5 Shrink
B1 The Earth Is My Witness
B2 New Moon, Different Day
B3 Third Chance
B4 Nighttime Birds
B4 In Motion #2

How To Measure A Planet? Part 1:
A1 Frail (You Might As Well Be Me)
A2 Great Ocean Road
A3 Rescue Me
A4 My Electricity
A5 Liberty Bell
B6 Red Is A Slow Colour
B7 The Big Sleep
B8 Marooned
B9 Travel

How To Measure A Planet? Part 2:
A1 South American Ghost Ride
A2 Illuminating
A3 Locked Away
A4 Probably Built In The Fifties
B5 How To Measure A Planet?

A1 Rollercoaster
A2 Shot To Pieces
A3 Amity
A4 Bad Movie Scene
A5 Colorado Incident
A6 Beautiful War
B1 Analog Park
B2 Herbal Movement
B3 Saturnine
B4 Morphia's Waltz
B5 Pathfinder

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