Sigh - 1999 - 2008 13xLP Metal Boxset + picture book (splatter, lim 200)

Scenario IV: Dread Dreams", "Imaginary Sonicscape", "Gallows Gallery" and "Hangman's Hymn - Musikalische Exequien" are each housed in triple gatefold jackets with golden hot foil and UV printing. "A Tribute to Venom" is housed in a single-pocket jacket. Each album comes with a dedicated OBI strip. Each LP is housed in a white polylined inner sleeve and each album album is housed in a resealable plastic outer sleeve. The box itself is constructed from aluminum and is laser-etched. Each box is individually numbered on the back and also includes a 16-page 12x12" booklet of band photos from the period.

Scenario IV: Dread Dreams
A1 Diabolic Suicide
A2 Infernal Cries
A3 Black Curse
B1 Iconoclasm In The 4th Desert
B2 In The Mind Of A Lunatic
B3 Severed Ways
C1 Imprisoned
C2 Waltz: Dread Dreams
C3 Divine Graveyard
D1 Diabolic Suicide (Original Mix)
D2 Infernal Cries (Original Mix)
D3 Black Curse (Original Mix)
E1 Iconoclasm In The 4th Desert (Original Mix)
E2 In The Mind Of A Lunatic (Original Mix)
E3 Severed Ways (Original Mix)
F1 Imprisoned (Original Mix)
F2 Waltz: Dread Dreams (Original Mix)
F3 Divine Graveyard (Original Mix)
F4 Black Curse (Early Mix)

Imaginary Sonicscape
G1 Corpsecry - Angelfall
G2 Scarlet Dream
G3 Nietzchean Conspiracy
H1 A Sunset Song
H2 Impromptu (Allegro Maestoso)
H3 Dreamsphere (Return To The Chaos)
I1 Ecstatic Transformation
I2 Slaughtergarden Suite
J1 Born Condemned Criminal
J2 Bring Back The Dead
J3 Requiem - Nostalgia
K1 Voices
K2 Bring Back The Dead (Unreleased Version)
L1 Corpsecry - Angelfall (Demo Version)
L2 Requiem - Nostalgia (Demo Version)

Gallows Gallery
M1 Pale Monument
M2 In A Drowse
M3 The Enlightenment Day
M4 Confession To Be Buried
M5 The Tranquilizer Song
N1 Midnight Sun
N2 Silver Universe
N3 Gavotte Grim
N4 Messiahplan
O1 In A Drowse (Demo Version)
O2 Silver Universe (Demo Version)
O3 Confession To Be Buried (Demo Version)
O4 The Tranquilizer Song (Demo Version)
P1 The Enlightenment Day (Demo Version)
P2 Pale Monument (Demo Version)
P3 Gavotte Grim (Demo Version)
P4 Messiahplan (Demo Version)
Q1 Untitled
Q2 The Tranquilizer Song (David Harrow Mix)
Q3 Pale Monument (Harsh Vocal Version)
Q4 In A Drowse (Demo 2003)
Q5 Messiahplan (Gunface Alternate Guitar Solo Take)
Q6 The Tranquilizer Song (David Harrow Mix Outtake)
Q7 Jazzy Outtake 1
Q8 Jazzy Outtake 2
R1 Iconoclasm In The 4th Desert (2002 WFMU NJ Unreleased)
R2 A Victory Of Dakini (2002 WFMU NJ Unreleased)
R3 Shingontachikawa (2002 WFMU NJ Unreleased)
R4 A Sunset Song (2002 WFMU NJ Unreleased)
R5 Black Metal (2002 WFMU NJ Unreleased)

Hangman's Hymn - Musikalische Exequien
S1 Introitus / Kyrie
S1 Inked In Blood
S3 Me-Devil
S4 Dies Iræ / The Master Malice
S5 The Memories As A Sinner
S6 Death With Dishonor
T1 In Devil's Arms
T2 Overture / Rex Tremendæ / I Saw The World's End
T3 Salvation In Flame / Confutatis
T4 Hangman's Hymn / In Paradisum / Das Ende
U1 Introitus (Alternate Mix)
U2 Inked In Blood (Alternate Mix)
U3 Me-Devil (Alternate Mix)
U4 Salvation In Flame / Confutatis (Alternate Mix)
U5 The Master Malice (Alternate Mix)
V1 Death With Dishonor (Alternate Mix)
V2 In Devil's Arms (Alternate Mix)
V3 Rex Tremendæ / I Saw The World's End (Alternate Mix)
V4 The Memories As A Sinner (Alternate Mix)
V5 Hangman's Hymn (Alternate Mix)
V6 Hangman's Hymn Preview
W1 Introitus (Demo)
W2 Inked In Blood (Demo)
W3 Me-Devil (Demo)
W4 Unreleased Track
W5 Kyrie (Unreleased Alternate Version)
W6 Overture (Unreleased Alternate Version)
W7 Overture 2 (Unreleased)
W8 In Paradisum (Unreleased Alternate Version)
X1 Inked In Blood (Live)
X2 Me-Devil (Live)
X3 Curse of Izanagi (2007 Rerecord)
X4 Spiritual (John Coltrane Cover)
X5 Countess Bathory (Venom Cover Alternate Version)
X6 Witching Hour (Venom Cover Alternate Version)
X7 Young Burial (Necrophagia Cover)

A Tribute To Venom
Y1 Black Metal
Y2 Die Hard
Y3 Countess Bathory
Y4 Schizo
Y5 Mayhem With Mercy
Y6 Teacher's Pet
Y7 Witching Hour
Z1 2002 Untitled I
Z2 2002 Untitled II
Z3 2002 Untitled III
Z4 2002 Untitled IV
Z5 2002 Untitled V
Z6 2006 Track for Revolver

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