We offer free replacement sleeves to customers who bought the first repress on Cosmic Key Creations as the new sleeve is sharper and closer to the original. The idea is to add the free replacement sleeve to your order. IF YOU ONLY ORDER THE REPLACEMENT SLEEVE, SHIPPING COSTS WILL BE CHARGED COMPARABLE WITH THE POSTAGE OF 1 LP
This is an extra service we offer ONLY for people who own our first re-press. If you bought our first re-press at another distro you can still order the replacement sleeve, we might ask for some proof that you actually own the record. You can only order as many replacement sleeves as the amount of copies that you own. Only available for private customers, not for retailers. keep it fair and reasonable so other collectors hava a chance to get a new sleeve too. We supply a new insert as well along with the replacement sleeve. No rights or claims can be derived from this information

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