Sacramentum - Complete Discography 4 x TAPE BOXSET (lim 300, 4 clrd tapes, postcard set)

Cosmic Key Creations 2022
4 professional produced and sealed cassette tapes in a 2 mm rigid, 2 piece, cardboard box with high gloss lamination.
Including 5 exclusive postcards. Limited to 300 copies. Officially licensed from Century Media and Sacramentum

- Sacramentum – Finis Malorum / Sedes Impiorum MC - smokey clear with black liner tape / white print, 6 panel j-card
- Sacramentum – Far Away From The Sun MC - clear blue with black liner tape / silver print, 6 panel j-card
- Sacramentum – The Coming Of Chaos MC - solid gold tape / black print, 6 panel j-card
- Sacramentum – Thy Black Destiny MC - clear red with black liner tape / silver print, 6 panel j-card


Finis Malorum / Sedes Impiorum:
A1 Moonfog
A2 Travel With The Northern Winds
A3 Devide Et Impera
A4 Pagan Fire
A5 Finis Malorum
B1 Sedes Impiorum
B2 Stormbringer
B3 Seasons Of Dark Souls
B4 Nocturnal Flame
B5 Within Thy Circle

Far Away From The Sun:
A1 Fog's Kiss
A2 Far Away From The Sun
A3 Blood Shall Be Spilled
A4 When Night Surrounds Me
A5 Cries From A Restless Soul
B6 Obsolete Tears
B7 Beyond All Horizons
B8 The Vision And The Voice
B9 Outro - Darkness Falls For Me / Far Away From The Sun (Part Two)

The Coming Of Chaos:
A1 Dreamdeath
A2 ...As Obsidian
A3 Awaken Chaos
A4 Burning Lust
A5 Abyss Of Time
B1 Portal Of Blood
B2 Black Destiny
B3 To The Sound Of Storms
B4 The Coming Of Chaos

Thy Black Destiny:
A1 Iron Winds
A2 The Manifestation
A3 Shun The Light
A4 Demonaeon
A5 Overlord
A6 Death Obsession (Black Destiny Part II)
B7 Spiritual Winter
B8 Rapturous Paradise (Peccata Mortali)
B9 Weave Of Illusion
B10 Thy Black Destiny
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