Grave - The Classic Album Collection 3x Tape Boxset (lim 300, 3 clrd tapes, 4 postcards)

Cosmic Key Creations 2021
3 professional produced and sealed cassette tapes in a 2 mm rigid, 2 piece, cardboard box with high gloss lamination.
Including 4 exclusive postcards. Limited to 300 copies. Officially licensed from Century Media

- Into the grave: solid green shell with white print
- You will never see: solid red shell with white print
- Soulles: dark grey shell with white print

6 panel j cards for all 3 tapes, sealed


Into The Grave:
A1 Deformed
A2 In Love
A3 For Your God
A4 Obscure Infinity
A5 Hating Life
A6 Into The Grave
B1 Extremely Rotten Flesh
B2 Haunted
B3 Day Of Mourning
B4 Inhuman
B5 Banished To Live

You Will Never See... + And Here I Die...Satisfied:
A1 You'll Never See...
A2 Now And Forever
A3 Morbid Way To Die
A4 Obsessed
A5 Grief
A6 Severing Flesh
A7 Brutally Deceased
A8 Christi(ns)anity
B1 ...And Here I Die*
B2 I Need You
B3 Black Dawn
B4 Tremendous Pain
B5 Day Of Mourning
B6 Inhuman

A1 Turning Black
A2 Soulless
A3 I Need You
A4 Bullets Are Mine
A5 Bloodshed
A6 Judas
B1 Unknown
B2 And Here I Die
B3 Genocide
B4 Rain
B5 Scars
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