Old Man's Child - In Defiance Of Existance CD (2021RP, lim 500, super jewel box)

Black metal band from Oslo, Norway, founded by Galder and Tjodalv in 1993. Later Old Man's Child continued as a solo project of Galder.
The In Defiance Of Existance album was originally released in 2003 by Century Media. Here is the official repress on Cosmic Key Creations. Limited to 500 copies in a solid super jewel box for extra durability. Issued under exclusive license from Century Media Records

500x CD (Super Jewel Box)
8 page booklet

1 Felonies Of The Christian Art
2 Agony Of Fallen Grace
3 Black Seeds On Virgin Soil
4 In Defiance Of Existence
5 Sacrifice Of Vengeance
6 The Soul Receiver
7 In Quest Of Enigmatic Dreams
8 The Underworld Domains
9 Life Deprived
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