Kovenant, The - The Complete Album Collection 4x TAPE BOXSET (lim 300, 4 clrd tapes, postcard set)

Cosmic Key Creations 2021
4 professional produced and sealed cassette tapes in a 2 mm rigid, 2 piece, cardboard box with high gloss lamination.
Including 4 exclusive postcards. Limited to 300 copies. Officially licensed from The Kovenant

Kovenant - In Times Before The light MC: solid gold tape with silver on body print, 6 panel j card
Kovenant - Nexus Polaris MC: solid blue tape with silver on body print, 6 panel j card
Kovenant - Animatronic MC: solid white tape with brown on body print, 6 panel j card
Kovenant - SETI MC: solid grey tape with gold on body print, 6 panel j card


In Times Before The Light:
A1 Towards The Crown Of Nights
A2 Dragon Storms
A3 The Dark Conquest
A4 From The Storm Of Shadows
A5 Night Of The Blackwinds
B6 The Chasm
B7 Visions Of A Lost Kingdom
B8 Through The Eyes Of The Raven
B9 In Times Before The Light
B10 Monarch Of The Mighty Darkness

Nexus Polaris:
A1 The Sulphur Feast
A2 Bizarre Cosmic Industries
A3 Planetarium
A4 The Last Of Dragons
B1 Bringer Of The Sixth Sun
B2 Dragonheart
B3 Planetary Black Elements
B4 Chariots Of Thunder

A1 Mirrors Paradise
A2 New World Order
A3 Mannequin
A4 Sindrom
A5 Jihad
B1 The Human Abstract
B2 Prophecies Of Fire
B3 In The Name Of The Future
B4 Spaceman
B5 The Birth Of Tragedy


A1 Cybertrash
A2 Planet Of The Apes
A3 Star By Star
A4 Via Negativa
A5 Stillborn Universe
A6 Acid Theater
A7 The Perfect End
B1 Neon
B2 Keepers Of The Garden
B3 Pantomime
B4 Hollow Earth
B5 Industrial Twilight
Bonus Tracks:
B6 Subtopia
B7 The Memory Remains
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