Borknagar - Epic LP (lim 500, 2 clrs)

Sixth album by progressive black/viking metal act BORKNAGAR (NORWAY). Epic was originally released in 2004 by Century Media. Here is the official vinyl repress on Cosmic Key Creations limited to 500 copies with original artwork and mastered for vinyl. Issued under exclusive license from Century Media Records

150x Black
350x Halloween orange
12x testpressing
Original artwork, including lyric/picture sheet on thick recycled eco paper , glossy laminated cover, mastered for vinyl

A1 Future Reminiscence
A2 Traveller
A3 Origin
A4 Sealed Chambers Of Electricity
A5 The Weight Of Wind
A6 Resonance
B1 Relate (Dialogue)
B2 Cyclus
B3 Circled
B4 The Inner Ocean Hypothesis
B5 Quintessence
B6 The Wonder

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