Benediction - The Classic Album Collection 3x Tape Boxset (lim 300, 3 clrd tapes, 3 postcards) LAST ONES!

Cosmic Key Creations 2020
3 professional produced and sealed cassette tapes in a 2 mm rigid, 2 piece, cardboard box with high gloss lamination.
Including 3 exclusive postcards. Limited to 300 copies. Officially licensed from Nuclear Blast.

Benediction - Subconscious Terror tape: solid red tape with yellow on body print
Benediction - The Grand Leveller tape: solid blue tape with yellow on body lrint
Benediction - Transcend The Rubicon tape: solid green tape with red on body print
6 panel j cards for all 3 tapes, sealed


A1 Intro - Portal To Your Phobias
A2 Subconscious Terror
A3 Artefacted Irreligion
A4 Grizzled Finale
A5 Eternal Eclipse
B1 Experimental Stage
B2 Suspended Animation
B3 Divine Ultimatum
B4 Spit Forth The Dead
B5 Confess All Goodness

A1 Vision In The Shroud
A2 Graveworm
A3 Jumping At Shadows
A4 Opulence Of The Absolute
A5 Child Of Sin
B1 Undirected Aggression
B2 Born In A Fever
B3 The Grand Leveller
B4 Senile Dementia
B5 Return To The Eve

A1 Unfound Mortality
A2 Nightfear
A3 Paradox Alley
A4 I Bow To None
A5 Painted Skulls
A6 Violation Domain
B1 Face Without Soul
B2 Bleakhouse
B3 Blood From Stone
B4 Wrong Side Of The Grave
B5 Artefacted / Spit Forth

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