Agnostic Front - The Epitaph Years 3x Tape Boxset (lim 300, 3 clrd tapes + postcards and stickers)

3 professional produced and sealed cassette tapes in a 2 mm rigid, 2 piece, cardboard box with high gloss lamination and metallica red hotfoil on the lid.
Including 5 exclusive postcards and 3 stickers. Limited to 300 copies. Officially licensed from Epitaph, with courtesy of Agnostic Front

- Something's Gotta Give: silver tape shell, black on body print
- Riot, Riot, Upstart: black tape shell, red on body print
- Dead Yuppies : white tape shell, black on body print

6 panel j cards for all 3 tapes, sealed


A1 Something's Gotta Give
A2 Believe
A3 Gotta Go
A4 Before My Eyes
A5 No Fear
A6 Blinded
A7 Voices
A8 Do Or Die
B9 My War
B10 Bloodsucker
B11 The Blame
B12 Today, Tomorrow, Forever
B13 Rage
B14 Pauly The Dog
B15 Crucified

A1 Police State
A2 I Had Enough
A3 Riot Riot Upstart
A4 Sit And Watch
A5 Blood, Death & Taxes
A6 Frustration
A7 Sickness
A8 Shadows
A9 Nowhere To Go
B1 Trust
B2 My Life
B3 It's Time
B4 Rock Star
B5 Nothing's Free
B6 Price You Pay
B7 Jailbreak
B8 Bullet On Mott St.

A1 I Wanna Know
A2 Out Of Reach
A3 Critic
A4 Liberty
A5 Club Girl
A6 Uncle Sam
A7 Urban Decadence
B1 Love To Be Hated
B2 No Mercy
B3 Politician
B4 Pedophile
B5 Alright
B6 Dead Yuppies
B7 Standing On My Own
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